Sparkling packagings for all types of cards

No matter if it is a simple card carrier for a fintech debit card, the proper packaging for an ambitious marketing campaign or a special packaging for loyalty card programmes, dzPack offers you individual packaging solutions aiming at your specific needs.
Enjoy exclusive design and premium materials
Boost your branding and marketing campaign

Give your customers a wow packaging experience

Reinforce the high quality and exclusivity of your gift card, loyalty card or bank card and deliver the desired information about the card and its use. With dzPack innovative packaging solutions, you make sure that your card packaging draws undivided attention to your smart card.

Adaptative  format

From boxes to leaflets and from packs to gift card style packaging, dzPack grants you the artistic freedom to generate innovative designs or give life to the unique artworks imagined by your creative team.

Premium  finishes

Choose from different materials and add a distinctive touch to your card packaging by selecting one of our optional premium finishings like foil, spot varnish, hotstamp, embossing...

Surprise  effects

dzPack can bring you playful packaging that gets in motion to reveal your card while opening. Our surprise effects packaging designs come with clever animation mechanisms that guarantee stunning 3D effects to your customers.