Making a positive impact

At dzcard, we are promoting environmental sustainability to build a better world for all. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and making a positive impact on the planet.

Reducing first-use PVC plastic

Roughly six billion plastic payment cards are made each year. While this is less than 0.015% of the volume of plastic produced each year, we believe there is room to improve that.

As we expect the smart card of the future could be made from both plant-based and recycled sources, our ambition is to manufacture cards from sustainable sources without compromising quality or safety. This a bold ambition as it requires sourcing for bio-based polyethylene.

At dzcard, we are continuing to experiment with many different bio materials. We are also working with our suppliers to develop these new materials for the smart cards of the future.


Renewable, recycled packaging

It’s our aim that all packaging produced by dzcard will be made from renewable or recycled materials and will be easy for consumers to recycle efficiently. Currently, the majority of dzcard packaging is cardboard or paper-based, which is recyclable.

For the near future, our ambition is that our packaging is sustainably sourced and certified as such.

Our goal is to embrace packaging, that is renewable (made from recycled or sustainably sourced plant-based materials), efficient (optimized its footprint is smaller) and, recyclable (engineered so that consumers to can recycle them easily).

manufacturing eco-efficiency

Reuse, reduce, recycle

Made from rock salt and oil, and containing less carbon than most major thermoplastics, PVC has inherent sustainability characteristics. Yet, we strive to reduce the amount of waste generated by our operations worldwide.

Today, we are proud to use a significant volume of recycled PVC in our production process. Our recycled PVC is a byproduct of discarded and semi-finished products diverted from production waste. We then reuse this recycled PVC within a new production process.

Our ambition is to reach less than 5% of waste from our factories and offices. We aim to do this by dramatically reducing waste and increasing how much we recycle.

Biodegradable smart cards

In 2020, dzcard has launched biodegradable smart cards for its eco-conscious customers. Made of earth-friendly BioPVC, a completely biodegradable material, these smart cards are the ideal alternative to standard PVC cards.

These BioPVC cards are just as strong and durable as standard PVC cards. They maintain their integrity under everyday use; they can get wet, be left on the shelf, left in a wallet, and used every day without breaking down.

Yet BioPVC cards can biodegrade in a few months after being discarded. This natural biodegradation process starts only when the BioPVC cards are tossed away in a fertile environment in which microorganisms are present (e.g., soil, compost, garbage dump, water, etc.). The cards leave no ecologically-damaging toxins once degraded, making it the perfect option to help you minimize your ecological footprint.