We care

At dzcard, we believe that profit and purpose can interact. We pursue the objective to help communities thrive and improve people's life. By empowering our employees, working with suppliers and, supporting our clients, we bring the best in talents.

In India, dzcard fully complies with the Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines under the Companies act

Giving back

We unlock the potential of its people to create long-term positive social impact that makes the world around us a better place. We focus o issues that are important to our company and stakeholders.


Our employees must comply with laws and regulations, and demonstrate respect for the communities they serve.


We act with honesty and integrity in everything we do. Anti-corruption, anti-bribery and, fair competition are at the heart of dzcard culture.


At dzcard, we love to give back. By engaging with customers, we have the opportunity to contribute to our local communities and the wider society.


We believe that diversity is a source of team prosperity at work and leads to greater social coherence and well-being for all.


Our aim is that employees should be should be treated fairly regardless of their race, gender, religion or disability.


We are proud to guarantee discrimination and harassment-free workplace, preserving privacy for our employees.