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With data-fueled, hyper-personalised experiences in real-time, Fintechs and challenger banks are winning customers over. As consumers seek a solution to increasingly fragmented digital lives, do you have what it takes to become an agile and customer-centric inventive "bank"?

All-in-one card solution


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Bring your vision to life

We are here to guide you in the tedious process of crafting your card solution. Our engineers and project managers will work with your team to define the technical characteristics that would work best for your product.

Cards that are really smart

When it comes to card design, we can do what others don't. Our design and development teams will enhance the features of your card with unique customisation options and a card design that will wow your customers.

See some card designs

Unique piece of card packaging

We genuinely believe that customer experience does not stop at card design but stretch to card packaging as well. Let your customers enjoy the unique experience of a card like no others with an awsome unboxing experience.

Seamless delivery services

We understand the need for agile Fintechs to remain lean and reactive. dzcard can manage all logistical aspects of your project from card personalisation to delivery to your end-users.


Why dzcard is the right partner for us?
With extensive experience in the production of all types of EMV cards for banks and financial institutions, dzcard is the ideal partner for any fintech. dzcard has successfully supplied millions of EMV cards for complex projects across the globe.

dzcard offers secure high-quality EMV card manufacturing and personalisation in Thailand and Tanzania with personalisation bureaus in India, Malaysia and the Philippines.
What type of card for a Fintech?
We can build any credit, debit and prepaid EMV smart cards. But don't stop here. dzcard can provide wow packaging and any services around your smart card from consulting to logistics.
Horizontal or vertical card design?
Our dzign Studio will help you bring to life your dreamed card whit any form factor from the modern vertical design to the more conventional yet efficient horizontal designs.
VERtical card
Horizontal card
What card customisation options do you offer?
You can choose among the following customisation options to build a stunning card:
Metalcore card
Transparent card
Coloured edge card
Hot stamping (to add a stunning effect on your logo)
Hololam card
Glitter card
Customised hologram
Laminate tactile (leather/wooden touch effect finish)
Optical variable ink that changes colours
Biodegradable PVC card
PETG card
What kind of card packaging can you propose?
Yes, dzcard is recognised for the quality and innovation of its card packagings. We can help you add a wow effect to your card by creating the ideal packaging solution. Choose from numerous packaging design options, including:
ISO card size envelope
Customised size envelope
Range of boxes shapes
Range of 3D effects boxes
Mailing to end-users
What OS & Applets can be installed on your cards?
dzcard can load the following OS & applets on your cards:
Java card, Multos or Native chip platform
Latest specification Javacard 3.0.5, EMV v2.6/4.3, GP 2.3
SDA / DDA / CDA and addition securities such ECC, RSA (2048 bits), AES (256 bits) etc.
Various applet selections for international payment schemes such as VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, Discover, UPI.
Local card schemes applet such as TBCC, BancNet, NAPAS, MEPS, Rupay, CPA
In addition to data preparation and personalisation of the standard EMV debit/credit application, dzcard can load and personalise additional applets and develop tailored solutions such as ATM, Transportation, Access control, ID, Close-loop payment, Loyalty application if required
What kind of chip can power up your cards?
dzcard can provide the following chips on your cards:
Contact chips (require contact with a terminal for a transaction)
Contactless chips
Dual-interface with Mifare Emulations (DESFire EV1,EV2, Classic, Plus) chips
Multi-frequency with HF (Mifare), UHF chips for EMV Hybrid cards
ISO 7816, ISO 14443 Type A/B and ISO18000 card interfaces standard compliant
What chip platform for your cards?
Thanks to our extensive knowledge, we support a broad, up-to-date range of EMV chip platforms. We also carry out large-scale EMV conversions as well as daily on-going card renewal and replacement.
What about advanced solutions such as biometric cards?
Our biometric fingerprint cards comply with EMV & POS infrastructure with the most secured features to allow fast transactions. Our biometric cards can include the following features:
No PIN or signature required
Fast fingerprint recognition
Two different fingers can be registered to activate the card
Biometric FAR/FRR is equivalent to a PIN security number protection
No limited amount of money for contactless payment
Non active card, no battery required for transactions