Benefits of complete customer journey management

dzHire solution is an integrated marketing offer that includes enrollment hardware, software and staffs deployed on-site to run affordable campaign efficiently.

Queue management

dzHire integrates a queue management system that allows us to handle customer queues smartly and speedily. dzHire monitor data in real-time to help speed up the performance of our agents and services.

Data acquisition

dzHire personal data acquisition process complies with data protection regulations of your country. With its multi-station configuration options, dzHire can collect data from various sources including application forms, ID cards or customer's database.

Photo  acquiring

With dzHire, you can opt from many photo input options (high-res camera, webcam, scan, or numeric photo). Photos are then digitized and matched with personal data with a rigorous verification process.

Security  control

dzHire offers the highest level of security in digital enrollment management today. Supporting a wide range of access control credential technologies, you can personalise our solution to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Output & report

Generating flexible reports is an integral part of dzHire. Our solution helps you manage and speed up the report creation and distribution process more efficiently. It provides complete automation for viewing, archiving, distributing, and printing your reports.