Convert your prospects with unparalleled eKYC digital journeys

As people are becoming more and more digitally savvy, our proprietary eKYC solution offers your customers an efficient, seamless, and convenient onboarding process. It also guarantees you the appropriate data security and streamlined integration with future technological evolutions and constant legal changes.
Build loyalty and trust with your clients
Engage your clients to acquire new products and sign up to new offers

Elevate your brand image with streamlined onboarding processes

With dzcard eKYC solution, you provide your customers with immediate signing up and real time access to personal data. Our solution is not only efficient but also cost-saving while giving you the ease of evaluating your customers' details with reliable digital due diligence.


Capture prospect ID picture, collect prospect biometric data, obtain prospect signature. Prospect information collection are processed using tablets, smart card readers, scanners, OCR technologies.


Proceed to automated and highly secured facial screening supported by live detection technologies and reliable facial recognition APIs. Our identification process complies with complex and evolving regulatory regional landscapes.


Perform real-time identity verification through an automated and highly secured identification procedure with end-to-end ID and identity authentication checks. Our biometrics verification technologies are protected by strong anti-spoofing and anti-faud/tampering measures.

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