Faster, easier and lower-cost automated card issuance

dzPlay kiosk brings you a secured self-service card issuance solution. The terminal allows your customers to get a personal card immediately thanks to a simple, reliable process.
Improve the metrics that matter most in your card programmes with a modular platform
Immerse your customers in a truly personalized on-demand card printing experience

Gratify your customer with the convenience of getting what they want, when they want it

Our dzPlay kiosk delivers a great user experience by guiding your customers step-by-step with a simple interface designed for efficiency. The complexity happens under the hood where the terminal integrates the latest technologies to accommodate any types of card personalization modules.
dzplay kiosk


User identification and verification

You can choose to identify a user by using different options including personal ID card, biometric, face recognition, barcode, an autogenerated generated dynamic number or a secure PIN.


Personal data capturing

You can opt to collect user data from its ID card, pull it from an external system or your customer database. User can also manually key in its personal information.


Photo capturing

The kiosk combines a built-in high-definition webcam for real-time photo capturing that can be used for facial recognition or photo capturing.


Professional card printer

dzplay kiosk is equipped with a high-speed smart card printer that applies customized security laminates and personalises smart cards completely.


Card inventory control

dzPlay kiosk comes with an automated inventory control system that manages the batch of cards, reports the stock, follows the number of defective cards, and informs you in real-time when a critical threshold is reached.


Report and Audit control

dzplay kiosk automatically generates reports for scheduled periods. Report content and format are fully customisable to meet your internal audit and compliance requirements.


Kiosk management

Centrally manage dzPlay kiosk, including credentials, workflow templates, printer configurations, distributed user access and permissions, maintenance process, and system monitoring.

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