Near Field communications (NFC) is a new technology mainly used in mobile phones allowing short distance (4 cm or less) secure contactless communication.

This communication technology enables access to many exciting applications, such as, payment, transportation, ticketing, access & loyalty, just to mention a few.

Implementation of NFC on (U)SIM cards enables the telecom operator to support the above mentioned solutions in order to maximize profit and provide the end user a world of opportunities all accessible from their mobile device.

dz card is a leading supplier of NFC card products and have been involved several projects.

With access to partners within the NFC ecosystem consisting of application developers, infrastructure and handsets, dz card is able to provide launch support, to assist mobile operators to create initial concepts as well as commercial products

All our NFC card products include at a minimum VISA, Master Card and T-money.

Read more about NFC card related technology and services below.

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