Non-Financial Cards

Loyalty cards and gift cards are a growth area for dz card. Our customers for these products are all types of retailers ranging from large chains to small membership clubs. Their common objective is to win new customers or increase end-customer loyalty, i.e., sell more to existing customers and improve customer retention. Schemes typically offer exclusive savings and bonuses, and cards with innovative designs one of dz card's strengths are considered a powerful marketing tool in themselves.

An endless array of possibilities to implement gift and loyalty schemes exists, and dz card can help with any requirements you may have. For example,dz card offers the following types of cards for this purpose:

  • Scratch cards.
  • Magnetic stripe cards.
  • Bar code cards.
  • Memory cards.
  • RFID cards.
  • Smart cards.
  • ID cards.
  • HID cards.
  • Mifare cards.
  • DOD technology.

The choice of card type depends on your marketing priorities and technical requirements. We provide cards in all kinds of materials and shapes.

dz card offers end-to-end, in-house service, including card design and manufacturing, fulfillment services to card administration and membership database management. For regular mailings, dz card can hold the customer's card stock and release cards and marketing material according to the customer's mailing schedule. Advanced machinery means that dz card can also offer individual card wrapping and that our customers benefit free of charge fromdz card's considerable skills and experience.

Finally, as with all other types of cards produced by dz card, loyalty cards and gift cards are handled with the same high level of security and confidentiality as credit cards and SIM cards.

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Transport Cards

Magstripe, Chip, Contact & contactless transportion cards

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty & Membership cards, Loyalty system software & Fulfillment

ID Cards

Access cards & ID cards: Contact, Contactless, Mag-Stripe, Dual-Interface & Fulfillment


National ID, Drivers License, Personal ID cards, personalization & Fulfillment
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