Financial Cards

EMV, Dual-Interface, Contactless, Debit, ATM, Credit & OTP cards

ATM Cards

Mag-stripe, EMV, Contactless, Dual-interface Visa & MC etc.

Debit Cards

Mag-stripe, EMV, Contactless, Dual-interface Visa & MC etc.

Credit Cards

Mag-stripe, EMV, Contactless, Dual-interface Visa & MC etc.

OTP Cards

OTP cards & PassWindow cards


SIM, NFC-SIM, U-SIM, Value added services (VAS), Scratch cards, OTA, Applications etc.

Scratch Cards

1 to 12 panel Scratch cards, 1 to 4 panel Scratch lite, Customized Scratch cards and customized scratch card solutions

SIM Cards

SIM cards, VAS, OTA, NFC, Software & Fullfillment solutions

USIM Cards

U-SIM, NFC-USIM and 3G network applications


NFC Cards & NFC applications

Non-Financial Cards

Membership cards, Government cards, ID cards, Loyalty cards, Transportation cards etc.

Transport Cards

Magstripe, Chip, Contact & contactless transportion cards

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty & Membership cards, Loyalty system software & Fulfillment

ID Cards

Access cards & ID cards: Contact, Contactless, Mag-Stripe, Dual-Interface & Fulfillment


National ID, Drivers License, Personal ID cards, personalization & Fulfillment


Fulfillment solutions for Telecom, Financial & Non-Financial

The need for fulfillment services applies to most cards issued today – weather this is a credit card, SIM card, loyalty card etc.

With in-house production of packages and the entire fulfillment services needed dz card offers a wide range of solutions to meet any customer demands. Our products range from cost efficient to high-end tailor-made solutions and with an experienced design/consultant department it’s our goal to not only support our customers but also inspire them with our learnings and innovations from around the globe. We want to be the first choice for a consistent, creative and experienced supplier and look forward to showing you our capabilities and work for our mutual success.

Chips & Software

EMV chips, NFC chips,Software development, SIM applications, VAS etc.

dz card has a close relationship with the suppliers and can provide high quality EMV chips directly to banks or to card manufacturers. The product list ranges from 8kb SDA to high end chips as Dual Interface modules.

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