Mobile Products and Solutions

dz card is a strong global supplier on the SIM and Scratch card markets with customers all over the world.

dz card focuses on delivering products that satisfy the current needs of our customers: no more, no less.

Our goal at dz card is to “make our customers happy”. We provide the best solution at the best price to enable the mobile operators to maximize their profits and create a win-win result for both parties.

dz card offers high-technology products such as SIM with the latest WIB solutions and Java. dz card also provides low-cost cards such as 32K chips Phase 2+.

Based upon an operating system that utilizes the full potential of the chip, our chip solutions can allow our customers to delay migration from 32 k to 64k or from128k to 256k. This methodology provides dz card’s customers more value for the same cost.

Scratch Cards

With a significant investment a state-of-the-art personalization equipment, dz card has developed into a specialist in high-volume production of scratch cards (PVC or paper).

Specifically in the area of multipanel cards for low denomination enabling substantial saving in costs of distribution.

dz card’s staff are continuously trained to maintain and improve our high levels of security and quality. Capitalizing on our card production process compliance to Visa and Mastercard standards. We provide a level of security that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Over several years, dz card has developed quality control procedures in close cooperation with our customers to ensure a product conformance rate of almost 100%. We are very proud of this result, which gives dz card a significant competitive edge.

The dz card fulfillment line supports all customer requirements from security sealed plastic wrapping to large welcome packs and special promotions.

Our monthly manufacturing capacity of more than 100 million cards positions dz card as one of the leading scratch card producers.


SIM Cards

In a mobile telephony market where new product launches are an almost daily occurrence, providing end-customers with the best service and products is a key challenge for mobile telephony operators.

To manage costs, it is essential for operators to stock the smallest possible number of SIM cards while maintaining the ability to deliver quickly the end-user whenever needed. Therefore, operators constantly demand greater flexibility from the card supplier.

dz card’s focus is to deliver the right product to match the needs of the customers: no more, no less.

Flexibility, short turnaround times, competitive pricing and superior services is what our customers demand and is what dz card is all about.


Products and Solutions

  • SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) supports 2G/3G/4G/5G LTE network
  • Based on UICC with Java or Native platform supports with SIM, USIM, ISIM
  • Various range of 32K to 512K memory sizes
  • WIB/S@T/CellTick and customize applications available of the shelve
  • OTA RFM/RAM, BAP capabilities for remote update and manage the SIM on the fields
  • Different form factors 2FF/ 3FF (micro) / 4FF (nano), 2in1 and 3in1 SIM size


  • eSIM (embedded SIM) for M2M, IOT and consumers devices
  • Base on Java platform supports any SIM applications and latest telecom network
  • Compliances with GSMA RSP, ETSI, Global platform and SIM Alliance standard.
  • Interoperability with GSMA RSP and ecosystem
  • Various form factors, 2FF/3FF and MFF2


 IOT RSP Platform

  • Support consumer devices RSP and M2M RSP
  • Interoperability and supports cross vendors for eSIM/eUICC and M2M devices
  • Fulfill on SM-DP / SM-DP+ and SM-DS roles according to SGP.21 and extension for profile management, administrative application, reporting and analysis


The introduction of 3G/4G LTE networks and UMTS devices, provides us the opportunity for the introduction of higher end security applications.  The USIM card answers this need.

Our USIM cards combine the standard SIM functionalities (3G network access) to UMTS enhanced security applications.

The USIM architecture and operating system prepares devices for secure for complex applications, such as Mobile Banking, Video Conferencing, Mobile Bookmarks, Enhanced Phonebooks, etc.