Financial Cards and Solutions

dz card is an experienced and highly skilled local manufacturer of all types of cards for banks and financial institutions.
Offering a full range of products and services, dz card is the ideal partner for any EMV card business. We support a broad, up-to-date range of EMV chip platforms.

dz card has extensive experience from several successful EMV projects in the region where we have supplied millions of EMV cards. dz card carries out large-scale EMV conversions as well as daily on-going card renewal and replacement.

With accreditation by Mastercard and Visa, dz card offers secure high-quality EMV card manufacturing and personalization in Thailand and Tanzania and personalization bureaus in the Philippines, Malaysia, India and Denmark.

By fully or partially outsourcing to dz card, issuers can make substantial savings and avoid having to hire and train specialized technical staff. In addition to data preparation and personalization of the standard EMV debit/credit application, dz card can load and personalize additional applets and develop tailored solutions such as ATM transportation access control applications if required.

Available Technology

EMV cards for Contact, Contactless & Dual-Interface chips

Options “a la carte”

  • Metal core card
  • Transparent card
  • Colored core card
  • Colored edge card
  • Hot stamping: stunning your logo
  • Hololam card
  • Glitter card
  • Customized hologram
  • Laminate tactile (leather or wooden finished)
  • Customized magnetic stripe
  • Optical variable ink
  • Custom shape
  • Biodegradable PVC card
  • PETG card

Fulfillment and packaging

  • ISO card size
  • Customized size
  • Variety shapes
  • Envelope
  • Mailing…

Biometric Cards

With the most secured features

Fast transaction

Contactless fingerprint authentication (verification is less than 1s)


  • No PIN or signature required
  • Fingerprint recognize quickly
  • Two fingers could enroll
  • Biometric KPI’S: FAR/FRR equals 4-digit PIN security

Biometric fingerprint card complies with EMV & POS infrastructure