DZ Team - India

India is one of the fastest growing market in the world and we are located at right location just 20 mins from Delhi Airport. Today dz card India supplies its services to almost all the banks in India and cover a significant market share. dz card supports a fast growing loyalty sector, servicing all type of operation expertise, which we offer. dz card India have a state of the art facility, certified by VISA, MC which gives very high confidence to our banking and other customers. dz card is also SCOSTA certified to deliver govt ID cards for various projects in India.

We are almost 75 staff company and growing with high speed to make our customers happy.

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Office Details

23-24, EHTP, Sector 34
Gurgaon , 122001 India
tel: +91 124 412 8888 fax: +91 124 412 8899

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